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Why Custom Sew Your Gown

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                                                                                 The Pros & Cons of Designing and Making Your Dress 


            CUSTOM                                                RETAIL     ​​


-Order dress 6-9 months before wedding day.                                                     -Order dress 9-12 months before wedding day.

                                                                                                                           Most Bridal Stores charge $220-$400 rush fee if time guidelines are not followed, per store policy.


-Size selection is custom and not an issue.                                                          -Most styles are limited in sizes.


-Color selection in excess of 580+ shades.                                                           -Color selection limited to 55 shades and under.

 Color combinations are unlimited.                                                                     Not allowed to choose color combinations.


-Dress styles are endless.                                                                                    -Dress styles are limited and pre-chosen for you.


-Fabric choices include organic cotton, raw silk, hemp, linen and blends.           -Fabric choices are limited to polyester and synthetic fibers, small amount of cotton and few select

                                                                                                                           stores may offer 2-3 styles of silk.


-Services include design, hand beading, pattern making, fabric                         -Services include sales and alterations.

 manipulation, fabric pre-treatment, etc.


-Generous swatch cards free for entire bridal party.                                         -Swatch cards are $1 or more.


-No alterations required.  Custom fitted as sewn.                                             -Alterations required and additional cost incurred.

                                                                                                                         In many cases alterations cost can exceed initial price of dress.


-Dress hand sewn in the USA, Jacksonville, FL.                                                -Dress manufactured in China or other foreign country.  Deliveries can often be delayed and uncertain.



-Brides can physically/visually see progress of dress                                        -Cannot see progress of dress until completed and delivered.  Alterations are always required

 at any stage simply by visiting Tag Studio and changes                                   adding additional unexpected cost to dress that usually has not been disclosed up front to unsuspecting 

 can be made up to a point.                                                                               Brides. In many cases these alterations can exceed the initial retail cost of dress.


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