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My name is Patricia Davis and I've been sewing since the age of nine.  

It all got started when my mom (who was a dressmaker) insisted on dressing me in those little ruffle panties and those ruffle frilly socks to match.  I hated them.  One day being the sassy little girl I was I stomped away after being dressed in some and said to her, "one day I'm going to make all my clothes cause I hate these ruffle panties-they get in my way."  You see, I was a tomboy, loved to climb trees, play in creeks, get muddy and do wheelies on my bike.  Ever tried doing it right wearing dresses and ruffle bottoms?

So, when I got to be a big girl everyday was a sewing-learning day, until I absorbed all my mom's knowledge

and it was time for me to sew-sew what I wanted.  At the age of nine I was a Pro.  I could sew and make all

my pants, tops and the occasional skirt or dress.  Oh yea, those glorious PANTS that allowed me to be exploitative, daring and mischievous without worrying about showing everybody what was under your dress.  Mom's taught their girls that back then to stay conscious and always be a lady.

I started Tag Custom Bridal at the age of twelve.  It started as Tag Enterprises.  Got my first order from a woman name Ellen who owned the fabric store in my hometown and I've been sewing ever since.  I love pushing boundaries, embracing color, mixing textures and just plain creating.  Don't like following trends-at all!  Just can't be put inside that box.....

I'm a college graduate and I have Degree's in Business Administration, Fashion and Home Interior.  I'm inspired by my travels and own beautiful fabrics from around the world.  Although, I don't travel much now, you can still find new 

treasures in my Studio from Jerusalem, India, South Africa, England, etc. courtesy of my wonderful clients who always

think of me when they travel.  (don't be fooled, that's because they bring back triple for me to sew them one-of-a-kind pieces to add to their wardrobes).  I am grateful always!

I'm also a farm girl, my father grew cotton.  Born and raised in a tiny rural town in Abbeville, MS a few miles north of Oxford.  My alma mater is Ole Miss, The University of Mississippi.  I have a love for purity, quality and understand the power of sustainability and the beauty of nature.  I know what feeds my soul-good food, good wine and beautiful textiles.

Tag Custom Bridal is just one of my creative spaces.  Organically Yours Wedding Resource is a division of Tag where you can find professionals and businesses in the wedding industry that are like minded.  It's the parent company to Silver Needle & Thread a company that provides wardrobing, tailoring and custom sewn fashion services.  It's also sister company to The Jacksonville Organic Business DirectorySilver Needle & Thread HOME and CATA Consumers Against Toxic Apparel.

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