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Modern Wedding Dress

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I Custom Sew my Gown?
    Custom sewing your gown gives you the ability to completely decide the style and look of your dress.
  • Why is Custom Sewing more Expensive than Retail?
    Retail pricing is based upon an outdated model of the mass production of disposable fashion. The model has no regards for individuality, quality, our environment or even people's lives as they are exposed to toxic and dangerous chemicals. Custom Sewing is personalized, much more labor intensive and the raw materials are acquired and produced with the sole purpose of offering true beauty and quality. Retail is instant-throw away without meaning. Custom is keepsake with special meanings and emotions attached for a lifetime.
  • What if I know nothing about Sewing
    No worries, you don't have to know a thing about sewing. We'll tell you everything you need to know, what you need to do, how and why. Then we'll simply do it all for you. We have the resources, knowledge and skill to make your vision a reality. All you need to do is enjoy the process and be proud of seeing what you envisioned come to life.
  • Why do you Charge a Consultation Fee?
    Meeting and talking with you requires time. During that time we educate you about style choice, fabric, the process and set expectations. We also offer beneficial advice even if you decide to not utilize our services.
  • What is a Body Analysis?
    During the Consultation we take your body measurements to determine your body shape-Hourglass-Pear (inverted triangle)- Trianagle- Diamond- Round- Rectangle. Your body shape is the true determining factor that should dicitate what style you choose. Ever saw a dress on someone else, loved it, bought it and hated it, that's because your body style is different from the person you saw the dress on. This is why the online ordering of clothes in general is frustrating and deceiving.
  • How does Payment work?
    Payment process is the same concept as if you shopped at a Bridal Salon. Our rate is per hour. Once all decisions have been made, the fabric and supplies are paid for upfront, plus any shipping. A retainer of one-half the estimated hours to construct is paid before sewing begins. The balance is paid when final fitting is done and you're all happy with your dress.
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